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About Two Lives Changed

Two Lives Changed is a non-profit organization formed for the sole purpose of supporting, educating, and breaking the pattern of young families living in distress. 

Through prayers, financial support, education, and emotional support, we help guide young pregnant women and mothers on a path that is more fulfilling and successful for their entire family.

We deeply appreciate all who donate their time, resources, and supplies to our program. Together we can make a real difference!

Robbie Perrine

Executive Director

Faith-Based Support

Helping Young Mothers Navigate Parenting

Through God, all things are possible! 

At Two Lives Changed, our faith-based approach guides our mission to lead a judgement free program aimed at truly helping those who need us. 

Our Vision

To help mothers aged 13 - 30 navigate pregnancy and motherhood with confidence.

Our Mission

Two Lives Changed is committed to creating a positive community that supports, encourages, and navigates young mothers.

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